Jimbo Starr


STR 18
DEX 16
CON 18
INT 14
WIS 13
CHA 12

HP 17
AC 16

Fort +6
Ref +3
Will +1

Primary weapon: Greataxe, to hit 6, 1d126


Jimbo Starr is a peculiar barbarian. 6’6", a giant of man, with a fear he admits to know man. When he was but a small lad, no taller than my knee, his mother passed away giving birth to a still-born brother. His father, turning to the bottle to overcome his grief, could not raise the boy so he sent him away to his Aunt Petunia. This large, angry woman took out all the griefs of her life by tormenting young Jimbo. In a drunker rage she stripped down naked and chased him around the house with a fry pan. He awoke from the thrashing that following in utter darkerness. Unable to see or hear all he could feel was unbarable heat and smell the stink of the woman. The rotund bitch had knocked him unconcious and then proceeded to use him for a seat cushion. This ‘incident’ instilled a phobia of all chunky women. For your own safety to not confront the barbarian about his phobia. If you see him run in fear from a plumper do not confront him for you will dishonor him and dishonor can only be regained through blood. Most likely yours…

Jimbo Starr

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