Jon of Waterdeep


STR 14
DEX 18
CON 13
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 16

HP 9
AC 15

Fort +1
Ref +6
Will +1

Primary weapon: Rapier, to hit 4, 1d62


Jon of Waterdeep is Don’s character. He is a half-elf from Waterdeep who makes his living in Falcon’s Hollow as a minstrel. In exchange for room and board at the Laughing Goat Inn he performs in the common room every night during and after dinner. His repertoire is wide but he generally sticks to drinking songs and bawdy ballads by popular request. Occasionally he’ll lapse into something more subtle and melodic but the inn’s patrons usually correct that pretty quickly.

Jon came to Falcon’s Hollow from Waterdeep close to three years ago and has lived there since. Nobody knows quite for sure why he left Waterdeep but when he is in his cups he has been known to insinuate that he slept with someone he shouldn’t have.

Jon is popular around town for his music and his happy, carefree attitude. There are rumors that he has bedded more than a few loggers’ wives but he always denies it and the loggers themselves couldn’t believe that Jon would do something like that. He’s good people. Besides, he’s always going to the brothel. What more does he need?

Jon of Waterdeep

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